dream job! driftwood, travel & culture for the graduated vegan


Look hard, all the way over to the edge of the top-right photo in the grid and you’ll spot yours truly, working away on a layout for Driftwood magazine. I’ve dropped hints to you guys before about it, but it’s a new, high-quality travel and culture magazine—and it’s all vegan. We’re going big on the art, so lots of photos, carefully crafted stories, and illustration.

Our focus is people. Vegans live exciting, diverse lives, and we want to explore and celebrate that. We are not all about kale recipes or <insert the newest vegan cheese here>. Those things are great, but frankly, other magazines have that covered. The vegan world has a lot more to share, so our editorial team, along with a slew of international contributors, are working hard to put that together in a beautiful package.

Our Kickstarter just launched and runs for a month, and it’s primarily a subscription drive. Printing ain’t cheap, especially on good paper, so we need to make sure we have those subscriptions in place to make this thing happen.  You can subscribe to the digital edition too, and that’ll still help us pay for the printing—and paying our contributors, which believe me, is not common practice. And our art director, Jade, is designing these amazing companion rewards. She does hand-lettering and loves playing with linocut and stamping and just really cool, get-your-hands-dirty processes, so I’m super excited to rock a hand-printed Driftwood t-shirt.

If you can’t contribute now, we’ll have subscriptions open later (if we make our goal!), and it would help us if you could spread the word to anyone you think would be interested. We’re so proud of how this project is coming together, and I personally can’t wait until I can quit at least two of my freelance jobs, ’cause man, I am tired.

Also, when you’ve got the time, you should grab a vegan friend and photograph each other for Vegan Faces, our portrait project. Again, we’re focusing on people and their stories. Not just “Why I went vegan,” but looking at all the important parts of your life. I even did it—see!

So yeah, thanks in advance. I can’t wait to have Issue One in my hands. Hope it’s in yours too!

UPDATE: With about 40 hours left, we met our funding goal! The campaign is open until April 10, 6pm PST, if you want in on the action. Then we’ll set up a shop on the website where you can pre-order the magazine. Thanks so much to everyone who subscribed, contributed, and shared. Today is a good day. 

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