veganmofo 13: fancy snacky torta treats

ines rosales tortasEvery once in a while you deserve a little somethin’ fancy, right? Hell yes, you do. You eat beans and rice, “clean out the kitchen” stir-fry, and nooch sandwiches because A, they’re awesome and deserve the same respect as plum kuchen, and B, so you don’t feel like a complete a-hole when you blow six bucks on fancy crackers.

Ines Rosales tortas are basically super flaky (thanks, olive oil!) giant crackers, and they come in a bunch of different flavors. Some are sweet and some, like the Rosemary & Thyme variety, are savory. The sweeter ones are so good on their own, almost like a cookie, but I ate this one plain and wished it had a little something to go with it, like a sun-dried tomato or white-bean spread. You kiddos who like (vegan) cheese would probably find these do a bang-up job of holding cheese.

Again, they’re an indulgence. They’re trucked over from Spain and individually wrapped and just altogether bling, but they taste so good and are a once-in-a-while treat. I’ve seen them both at schmancy grocery stores and straight-up co-ops in Portland and even Astoria (Goonies!), so chances are you’ll be able to find them in your hood.


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