veganmofo 12: gettin’ my greens & grains

grains and greens salad

There’s so much about the world and what’s going on that makes me shake my fist and head and anything else that ain’t tied down, but one thing I super applaud is the all-the-foods salad.

Less grain-heavy than the average Portland bowl, I can usually—usually—eat these things in one sitting and not need someone to roll me home. Yet they’ve got a full, nicely balanced bunch of nutrients, which I occasionally care about.

This one’s from Laughing Planet, the burrito place. (Yes, I can go to a burrito place and not get a burrito.) It’s the Grains & Greens salad, and it’s got some lettuces, kale, sprouted lentils, quinoa, cherry tomatoes, radishes, dried cranberries, and grilled broccoli in a pretty light basil-garlic vinaigrette, plus sunflower seeds. For a little extra, they’ll put a whole bunch of tempeh on there for ya.

I’ve ordered this a few times and it is, of course, a little different each time. Different cooks, lunch rush versus quiet time, you know how it goes. But it’s always pretty great. Light enough for our freakishly hot late-summer days but comforty enough for gray, rainy days…

Awww, Grains & Greens salad, I think I might love you


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