veganmofo 11: more native foods–what?!


native foods mexican cobb saladAfter not having visited Native Foods in for-friggin’-ever, here I am again for the second time in one VeganMoFo! (And dig it: The sandwich I had as a special last time is now on the menu.)

I went again with my Driftwood editor Holly after a printer visit (exciting!) and fueled up in a super busy vegan restaurant in the suburbs (exciting!). Again, can’t get over these out-of-the-way vegan joints being filled with such a varied group. Are they all vegan? There’s no way. But they’re all eating vegan food. Harm reduction, guys.

Up top is Holly’s Mexican Cobb Salad, which I was—I’m ashamed to admit it—straight-up jealous of. Look at that thing. Gorgeous. Can I make that at home? Yeah, there’s no reason I can’t…except that it looks like a lot of pieces and…ugh, bored even writing about it. I want someone to make it for me. Enter Native Foods.

native foods vegan chickn run ranchSeriously, I’m usually the winner at ordering. I’m not saying that to impress you. It’s just the way it is. We go out and order, and all my friends tuck in and look at my food and go, “Aww, I should have ordered that.” But I would have to say this was a draw. My Chicken Run Ranch, hold the ranch, didn’t look half as sexy as that salad, but it was solid. My side o’ slaw, however, was a huge disappointment. Way overdressed, it still was missing some sort of flavor. Lacked zazz. This was, I think, the first thing I’ve ordered from Native that I didn’t even bother to finish.

So yeah, there you go. Double dose of the Native. Bringing vegan food to the unsuspecting masses. Gold stars.



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