veganmofo 10: chocolate-covered rice cakes

chocolate rice cake 1Not super exciting at first glance, but I had a brief fling with chocolate-covered rice cakes and believe it or not, they have haunted me ever since. I kept an eye out for them wherever I went, asking friends if they’d seen them in town. No one had. Finally, I realized that I couldn’t wait for them to come to me—no, if I wanted to experience these crisp, light, just-sweet-enough beauties, I would have to drag them back into my life and make them mine.

About a year ago, I spent a week in London, and I was surprised by all the neato vegan treats I found, including chocolate-covered skinny rice cakes. My boy Tom had been at a seminar before I got there and had been eating these the whole time. Everyone was. They were super cheap and available at regular, giant grocery stores and even some of the smaller convenient stores. Surely I had just overlooked them back in the States. I had something to look for once I got home.

But nothing. Not regular grocery stores. Not Whole Foods. Not the schmancier stores. Ugh.

I knew I could make my own if I found the super thin rice cakes, which I eventually did at Whole Foods. They’re Suzie’s Thin Cakes and come in a few different flavors. The plainest I found was a lightly salted brown rice; it is very lightly salted and very mild. Perfect for the job.

Then I just dipped ’em in chocolate and stuck ’em in the fridge—no PhD in Nuclear Physics required.

I don’t know if rice cakes are supposed to be good for you and by dipping them in chocolate I’ve become everything that’s wrong with this world. What I do know is they’re tasty. And I like tasty.


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