veganmofo 7: thanks, compressed foodstuffs!

Luna bar at airportHello from Portland International Airport! Posting from my phone—thanks, the future! Heading to Chicago for Riot Fest and am surprisingly prepared and have made it in time for my flight.

I’m usually so on top of things, but getting Tom and his healing spine on his plane to Australia yesterday, picking up some last-minute freelance work, and other assorted lifestuffs just gummed up my otherwise smooth-as-hell works.

Connection to VeganMoFo? I forgot to eat today! But like a good former Girl Scout, I planned ahead and grabbed snacks. As I chowed down on my Luna bar, I thought about how cool it is that there are so many vegan bars out there, and in super mainstream shops. Raw ones, yummy ones, nutrition-packed ones…they’ve pretty much got everyone covered. This was so not the case a decade ago. It was all whey protein and Carnation Instant Breakfast bars (which I totally loved as a kid, but yikes!).

The explosion in the availability of vegan products and foods only exists because of demand. They wouldn’t sell it if we weren’t buying it. So go team.

Oops, gotta board! Talk to you tomorrow from Chicago!

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