veganmofo 3: old-timey charm at liberty glass

Sneaking this one in just before midnight—it’s been that kind of day.

michele running late for photo shoot

This is me running late for a photo shoot for Driftwood magazine. What’s that? A supercool new magazine that I’m helping build. It’s travel and culture for the graduated vegan, which means we’re not going to try to convince you to go vegan or help you figure out how to do it. No recipes or features on the how awesome kale is for you. It’s simply a celebration of what is possible in a—yes—vegan world. So much more to come on that front. We don’t even have a website yet, but you can keep tabs on us here on Facebook for now.

liberty glass exterior

We wanted to shoot by this really neat spot in Northeast Portland, where a bunch of freeways come together like spaghetti. Just so happens there’s this neato, old-timey, very pink bar right there, Liberty Glass. Liquid courage for standing in front of a camera without hiding my face! I got a Homebrewed Kombucha with pear juice and ginger and a wee bit o’ vodka. The photo was boring—just picture lemonade. You’ve got it!

After a successful photo shoot, we headed back to Liberty Glass for some nibbles and a parting cocktail. I was checking out the menu, which denotes some of their vegan items, like the Dagwood, and I spied the potato pancakes. With zero-point-zero hope, I said to the bartender, “I don’t suppose the potato pancakes are vegan.” Oh ho, they are! Both these and the pickled beets I ordered came with a tofu-based horseradishy sauce, which I of course didn’t eat…but I could have.

liberty glass potato pancakes

These might be prettier in full light. This is a good hour after sundown, lit mostly by X-mas tree lights. The beets were super simple and clean. The potato pancakes were a little oily, but hey, I was able to order vegan potato pancakes as bar nibbles. Score.

liberty glass cocktailsAs for their cocktails, the short fella in the front is a clove-tequila-based Smoking Gun, the one on the left is an Aperol Shandy, and the one on the right is a…I forget and it’s not on the menu on the website. Doh! Anyway, everyone was happy with everything they ordered, so this might be one of those “You can’t go wrong” situations. Which are pretty A-OK.

holly n jade driftwood‘Til tomorrow, kiddos. Leaving you with a shot of Jade and Holly, the rest of the Driftwood team, walking back from the shoot, up Mississippi. You’ll hear much more from us all soon!


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