veganmofo 2: the meatiest little vegan burger you ever did see

field roast burger How long has it been since I’ve eaten an actual beef hamburger? Close to 30 years. So I have no bleedin’ clue what beef burgers taste or feel like. So when people ask me about how vegan a vegan burger tastes, I have no answer for them. I reckon the veganness or beefiness of a burger probably has more to do with the texture, the juiciness, and the fat content than the spices in it. So if you were to ask me about the new Field Roast burger, I’d say it’s pretty beefy. Since the smell didn’t gross me out and I was able to eat it all without gagging, I’d also say it’s pretty vegan. I scored a coupon for these babies or I’m not sure I would have bought them. They’re a little pricey (my store had the 4-pack for $7), and I’m generally not into burgers. I just lost the aesthetic over the decades, I guess. That’s not at all to say that these weren’t good—they are quite tasty. Also, they’re made with ingredients like gluten and mushrooms and pea flour, rather than modified so-and-so and everyone’s favorite, “natural flavors.” Bottom line: These are totally worth full price. field roast burger cooking Out of the package they’re kinda slimy and ooky and a little delicate, sort of threatening to fall apart, but on my cast-iron grill pan they cooked up great, firming up and picking up those grill marks like a burger should. If you’re looking to impress a meat-eater with this super meaty vegan burger, maybe don’t let them see you take it out of the package. Then again, ground beef looks pretty damn gross too. field roast burger packageOh, and since they’re gluten-based, each burger contains 22 grams of protein, about the same as a beef burger patty. They’re pretty high in fat and sodium, so it’s not really a daily sort of food, but when you’ve got to represent at a bar-b-q, it’s a fun little treat. So keep your eyes peeled for a coupon or just splurge for the fun of it.  Again worth it.

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