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Welcome to my first giveaway ever!

It’s Joni Marie Newman’s new book, which she wrote with food scientist Gerrie L. Adams, and it’s aimed at the newbs. Going Vegan: The Complete Guide to Making a Healthy Transition to a Plant-Based Lifestyle is part intro to veganism and part cookbook—and the cookbook was developed with easily accessible ingredients that you should be able to find, no matter where you live.

I was one of the testers for the book, and a few of these recipes have gone into heavy rotation in my kitchen. The beef-style seitan is fantastically versatile and can be seasoned to suit pretty much anything, like this super hearty Italian “beef” sandwich. And believe it or not, after seven or eight years (however long I’ve been vegan), I’d never cooked it in cheesecloth before. Boom. Revelation.

Each of us testers was asked for a piece of advice for new vegans. Here’s mine (I was supposed to keep it to one sentence, and I haven’t seen the completed book yet so I don’t know if they printed the whole thing):

There’s no teleporting in veganism. It’s a path and you need to walk it—but it’s a pretty great path for you, for the world, and for the animals. The breadth of vegan food is so vast. Get excited, try everything (twice), and make it your own.

So how do win a copy of this book? Easy like Velcro. Just leave a comment here by the end of the day Saturday, September 6 Monday, September 8, and I’ll pick a random winner. Here’s the thing: For your comment, I want to hear from pro vegans and new or not-yet vegans. If you’re an old pro, what advice do you have for the newbs? And if you’re new or have yet to take the plunge, what’s your biggest challenge or fear?

Good luck!

UPDATE: Comments are now enabled! Good gravy, this move to the self-hosted site has been a headache! Anyway, the publisher has offered up two giveaway copies, so I’ll award one here and one on Facebook. And I’m extending the entry deadline to Monday, September 8. Good luck, all, and so sorry about that!

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