my apollo: a boy & a greyhound who rescue each other

MyApollo9&10Cute new book alert. Also, worthwhile Kickstarter alert.

When I’m not working on Vida Vegan projects, I’m a word nerd for hire. I’ve spent more than a decade in publishing, and now I’m mostly a freelance copy editor. Sometimes I edit stuff that I have absolutely no interest in—not that I don’t do my best anyway, but it’s just not super fun or always rewarding.

Other jobs are waaaay more fun. This project I’m sharing with you now is such a treat to work on, a lovely artist and subject matter close to my heart.

I was introduced to Nina Huang earlier this year. A new vegan in town, she jumped right in and donated a custom pet portrait to a silent auction I was working on. Her portraits are the cutest things—check them out.

Well, she’s been writing and painting a story about Briar, a little boy in a newly single-dad family. He’s struggling with life and school and has just lost his moxie. Dad takes him to adopt a rescue greyhound, Apollo, who’s a little shaky and struggling as well. With the help of a new friend, Briar and Apollo help rehabilitate each other. It’s not preachy or pushy, just a sweet, honest story about a boy and a dog learning to trust again.My_Apollo_scaredIt’s great to see the issue of greyhounds needing forever homes after being used up presented subtly and sweetly—outreach isn’t all about NSFW videos. People do tend to lose sight of this abuse, using animals for entertainment, and it’s nice to see this message of caring for other beings, especially aimed at kids.

Seeing the energy and attention Nina puts into her paintings, I know the book is going to be gorgeous. Her Kickstarter incentives include copies of the finished book, art cards, prints, a resin figure, and custom paintings. So head on over and watch her video—then help get this book made!


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