flaxseed egg replacer–consider me a convert

banana bread flax hemp
Super light and moist banana bread with hempseed and flaxseed.

I’ve used flaxseed in recipes before, but when veganizing my old recipes, I’ve pretty consistently used EnerG egg replacer. It’s what I learned when I first went vegan, and it comes in a box that says “egg replacer.” Seemed like a given.

But over the years, I’ve watched more and more people use banana, blended tofu, soy yogurt, other starches, or applesauce as a direct swap for eggs in baking. But the replacer that beats them all is flaxseed. That’s 3 tablespoons of water plus one tablespoon of ground flaxseed. Just give it a little whiskin’ with a fork while you’re gathering the rest of your ingredients, and by the time you need it, it’ll have gotten thicker and a little milky, or dare I say mucousy—you know, like egg white.

Lately, I’ve used the flaxseed swap in cookies and just tried it in banana bread, and I tell you, I am sold. The consistency was perfect, light and fluffy yet moist, and rich. Here’s a big advantage flaxseed has over starches like the boxed egg replacer, aside from that oogy consistency: It has a subtle flavor that complements your baked goods, whereas starches can sometimes taste chalky.

So add flaxseed to that apple cider vinegar in your vegan baking arsenal. We needn’t go wanting for fantastic cruelty-free treats.

And yes, I’m willing to be convinced of the superiority of your favorite egg replacer—or any other vegan secret ingredients!


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