fundingmofo: austin’s capital city bakery is growing up

capital_city_bakery_buildingI got to visit Kristen Davenport’s Capital City Bakery cart on a Vida Vegan scouting trip to Austin—after drooling over her Instagram photos, I’m happy to report they would not disappoint.

In the short time it’s been open, Capital City has won all sorts of awards, been featured on TV, and has reached the point where she just can’t keep up with demand, doing what she can during off-hours in a rental kitchen. Girl needs her own kitchen!

So she’s building one. Kristen found a space in East Austin, which is super cool and home to some vegan neighbors, and she’s running a Kickstarter to help equip the kitchen. And it’s almost over! As I type this, she’s got just over a day and a half to go. Don’t you worry for a minute she hasn’t made her goal—of course she has—but every dollar above this helps.

image-317232-fullEven if you don’t live in Austin, there are backing perks for everyone, including a T-shirt designed by Herbivore Clothing‘s Josh Hooten. Personally, I went with the 6-pack of cupcakes…which I will just have to pick up the next time I’m in Austin. Because there will be a next time. This city is so fun, with loads to do, and plenty of vegan treats.

So do consider helping. Kristen’s laid out a few stretch goals, including one that’s already been made: the recipe card. With enough backing you could end up with a bonus brownie. (Read: Please give. I want a bonus brownie.)

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