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masalamofo: masala pop, best popcorn ever!


Pop pop!*

After last week’s popcorn pitfall, I needed redemption. This, my friends, is how you do popcorn. Portland’s own Masala Pop has nailed it, with unique spice blends and extra credit: papadums (lentil chips—better than it sounds). It comes in Chai Masala, Tamarind Sesame, and my favorite, Savory Masala, with sea salt, chili pepper, garlic, sugar, mustard seed, onion, and tumeric. Y.U.M.

I first had Masala Pop at my friend’s food cart, then they donated snacks to our Vida Vegan Galarama fundraiser, because—what?!—they’re nice people as well as ace popcorniers. You can buy it at stores around town, but for crazy fresh stuff and some chit-chat with lovely folks, swing by the shop. Out of town? Yeah, they ship. And you can get big tins, too. Soooo beats those grocery-store tri-flavor popcorn tins that always pop up around the holidays. And these are vegan. (Note: Some of the special, seasonal flavors are not vegan, but the original three are.)

Oh yeah, and their popcorn is organic, they don’t use preservatives, it’s small-batch…remember, this is Portland.

*This can be a Community or Arrested Development reference, your choice.

6 thoughts on “masalamofo: masala pop, best popcorn ever!

  1. I fell so in love with the chai popcorn at VVC that I have been working on a recipe ever since. It isn’t exactly the same as the magical masala pop – but it satisfies. :)

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