funnin’boutmofo: art, pinball & rogue

Still running around with my brother, sister-in-law, and cousin, trying to squeeze as much Portland as I can into their visit.

We started the day off at Voodoo Doughnut, where I picked up this little guy. I’ve eaten my share of vegan voodoos so I have a routine: I take out their little pretzel pin and eat from the bottom up so I get the oozy jelly “blood” right away.

voodoo bite

sad voodoo


He is none too happy about it. To be fair, he started out with this expression, so I think he had other stuff going on before I tore into him.


gallery shotNext we were off to some Old Town galleries. These places are great for finding newer artists, or just ones that aren’t putting the sort of price tags on their stuff that you’ll find a few blocks over in the Peal District.

ground_kontrol_pinballAnd no trip to Portland would be complete without some nerding out at Ground Kontrol. We were still on a sugar high from the doughnuts, so I couldn’t really indulge in a vegan hotdog and root beer float.

rogue_rosemary_bruschettaWhen we were ready for lunch, we stopped by Rogue Distillery & Public House, in the Pearl. I got rosemary bruschetta, just because I had never heard of it before—basil is just sort of a given, no? I thought it was on the plain side and the tomato pieces were too big to stay on my garlicky toast. But yeah, I liked the rosemary, and I’ll absolutely make my own version at home.

rogue_quinoa_black_bean_saladMy sister-in-law got the black bean & quinoa salad. So…corn & bean salsa on avocado on quinoa. I don’t know if that’s $9 cute, but she really liked it, so whatever. Win. And, um, everyone who ordered beer liked what they got, but I didn’t pay attention to the names or anything—sorry, not a beer girl!

tinymeat_vegan_walletOn to Alberta! The sky was feeling rather pregnant, so we knew our walking-around time was just about up. We ran up and down Alberta, checking out neat shops, buying artisan dog treats and such. I found this cool wallet in one of those art/toy gallery/stores. It’s by Tinymeat and it’s totally vegan. They do passport covers and zippered pouches and stuff. I’m kinda in love. I would have gotten this, but I’m still working on driving my much-loved Gama-Go wallet into the ground.

barista_coffeeAnd what would a day of walking through Portland be without a coffee stop? No photos of cool latte art here. Just give me a good strong cup o’ medium drip and I’m off.

And yes, we beat the storm by seven minutes.

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