sushimofo: even mediocre vegan sushi is still pretty good sushi

We’ve got visitors in town, so we’re doing a lot of running around and dining out. It’s exhausting and fantastic, but sometimes we find ourselves trying to decide on a place we can be happy with, as not all of us are vegan. (Read: Nobody except Tom and I are vegan.)

Yesterday, we went hiking down at Opal Creek. If you are ever in Oregon and have a day and a car, get down there. It’s got old-growth forest, neato remnants of the town that used to be there, waterfalls, and this crazy, blue-green water from the minerals in the surrounding rock.

opal creek

Gorgeous, no? It really sucks you in, so much so that we didn’t get back to Portland until around 8:30. On Labor Day. My brother had a hankerin’ for sushi, but given the aforementioned timing, the nicer sushi places were closed. (I guess look for another sushi post later this week.) So we went to the giant chain sushi joint (yes, we have one of those in Portland), Mio.

They actually have quite a few vegan sushi offerings, and it’s not all just avocado or cucumber-n-scallion—not that I don’t love those too, but why should the fish-eaters have all the fun?

Up there we see, from left to right, Tom’s Inari Roll: cucumber and avocado inside, draped with inari (fried bean curd); my Super Veggie Roll: cucumber, avocado, asparagus, oshinko (Japanese pickles), radish sprouts, and sesame seeds; and an Avocado Roll.

And then here’s my Veggie Tempura roll, with tempura’d squash, green beans, carrots, and asparagus, with sesame seeds.


And finally, Tom’s Tofu Veggie Roll, with cucumber, radish sprouts, asparagus, and fried tofu.

tofu_rollWe probably could have eaten a lot more, but it was around 9:30 when we were done and with all that hiking, The Sandman was comin’.

This reminds me how grateful I am to live in Portland, where we have so many vegan options that we can get a little picky. Or “discerning,” I guess, is a better word for it. We have choices as vegans, to order from the menu and not have to add a bunch of “hold the…” notes, and I thank Portland for that.

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