more-difficult-than-it-needed-to-be-mofo: quinn microwave popcorn


I’m pretty old-school when it comes to popcorn. I pop it in a pot on a stove, and flavor it with some vegan butter and nooch and salt…or chocolate chips…or I melt peanut butter with my vegan butter…or I do that and add chocolate chips.

Anyway, I don’t buy microwave popcorn. But I saw this one, Quinn Popcorn, and fell for the packaging and simple, natural ingredients:


It’s two bags for around $5, but (shrugs) it’s quality stuff and a novelty. Cheaper than a cocktail, right? And it’s in the name of popcorn research.


Here’s the second hitch! These ingredients just come in the box. You build the popcorn yourself. So you pop the plain popcorn in the microwave, then pour the oil in the bag, then pour the sugar and salt, then shake.

Impulse-buyer’s remorse set in. If you have some salt, maple sugar, and oil, buying this bling-ass box of convenient (?) microwave popcorn isn’t saving you any time. You’re just buying a bunch of (albeit cute) packaging. Ugh.

For the record, the popcorn tasted pretty good. I just felt so stupid and angry for buying this that I couldn’t appreciate it.


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