mod-podgin’ like a mofo…because it’s vegan


Because I’m crafty like that (also broke as a lame joke), when I need something, I usually try my hand at making it first. (Seriously, who buys scarves?) If I can’t make it from scratch, can I buy a cheap or used base and fix it up, like a table or chair? With a toolbox and an armory of fabric, paper, and other crafty bits I’ve put together over decades (yes, I was diagnosed young), I can manage quite a bit.

One item in my armory is Mod Podge. If you’re not familiar with it, it’s an adhesive and sealant in one. Looks like glue but dries totally clear. With some tissue paper and a cool bottle—boom, vase. Glitter and anything—boom, party. I’ve always had a couple different types on hand: glossy, matte, even super tough stuff for furniture and outdoor use. After going vegan, I started to worry about what it was made of. True, when we buy products off the shelf, we don’t know what the adhesives are, but if I’m using a product, I do what I can to keep it animal-free. I saw a couple of mentions online that said Mod Podge was vegan, but I wanted to check it out myself so I dropped ’em a line.

Annnnnd…it is! They all are! None of their varieties contain animal products or byproducts. So slather it on in all its fabulous glory. I just did, to make these luggage tags.

diy luggage tags

Tom is off to London and Nepal for two months for work this fall (I know!), so I wanted him to have something a little nicer than the paper ones you get at the airport. I also wanted him to have something I made with him, so anytime he looks at them, he’ll see my handiwork and perhaps think of me fondly. (That green plaid one is mine, though.)

Using the hard, furniture Mod Podge, these are just cardstock with paper, fabric, some funny, tiny playing cards, and washi tape. I punched the holes before sealing, and I threw maybe five coats on there, to really sturdy it up. You can write on the surface with permanent marker (I used a DuraMark), dry, and seal over it again, for safety.

Ooh, hey, did you catch that “mofo” in the title and think of VeganMoFo? Yeah, I’m doing it again this year. I’m totally in the Five Timer Club now. No real plans for a theme or anything, just random super-fun foodtimes. I know I want to cover s’mores waffles, homemade giardiniera (hot peppers!), and a taco shell made of tots. And I guarantee at least one kitchen fail and one love letter/ode to some food or another. Expect new posts every day (Monday through Friday) throughout September.

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