new series on vegans & body image–get involved!

In light of the response from my body image survey, the latest T.O.F.U. issue, and the panel at the last Vida Vegan Con, body image—especially of vegans—is a huge issue. We are, as a people, not OK with ourselves. And that’s not OK.

So I’m starting what I hope will at least be a monthly series, where we hear from all of you. How do you feel about yourself, and how does your vegan label affect that?

What I need from you:

Around 500–1,000 words on the following (hit as many of the points as you like—I’ll be editing):

  • Name (first, full, fake), age, sex/gender identity, body type as you’d categorize yourself. If you’d like to include height/weight, go for it.
  • How long have you been vegan (or vegetarian before that), and why?
  • How much work do you put into your physical being? Diet, exercise, drugs, surgery, shapewear?
  • How has going vegan affected your body and body image? Transformed? Not at all?
  • What does “healthy” mean to you? Do you strive for it?
  • Any history with eating disorders? Wanna talk about it?
  • What, if any, responsibility do you have as a vegan ambassador to look or be a certain way?
  • Anything else you’d like to say on the subject?

Include a photo if you’re not a camera-shy child like myself. I’d love to get all your vegan mugs out there. At least 300 pixels wide, please.

Email it all to me at I’ll let you know if/when I’ll be using yours and will run big edits by you.

Thanks a ton, kiddos. I think this’ll be cool. And like I said for my original survey, please seek professional help if you think you might need it, and big hugs to all for tackling such a triggery subject.

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