happy worldwide vegan bake sale!


Yes, I’m still working on my revamped blog, but I just didn’t want to miss the opportunity to remind you what starts this weekend…

It’s that special time of year, when do-goodnicks around the world bake vegan cookies and bagels and lemon squares and peanut butter doggie treats—and other do-goodnicks and the just plain hungry purchase those scones and gluten-free doughnuts and brownies and macaroons (You’re vegan? What can you eat?!), and allll that money goes to nonprofits. It’s the Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale!

This year it all happens April 20-28—although there are some a little early or late, but they still mean well. In Portland we’re doing ours this Sunday, the 21st, 10-3, at the Mississippi Marketplace cart pod. Our sales are all being donated to Cat Adoption Team (where I got my kitties on Black Friday) and Green Acres, to help them build a new sheep enclosure. I’ll be bringing my favoritest thing ever, poppy seed rolls (recipe linked in post), and probably bialys—I experimented with a rolled-up bialy-type thing and think it’d just work better in the traditional form.

Here’s our Facebook event page, and as you can see, already 200 people have RSVP’d. Thanks, Portland. You’re tops. If you’re in the area and want to donate baked goods, the link and rules for signup are in the FB event. (Basically, it’s all vegan, so no honey, gelatin, or any of those pesky little animal products; write out ingredients; and we prefer to transfer your stuff onto our platters so we don’t have to find you to return yours, and to avoid disposables).

Where’s your city’s bake sale? WVBS HQ has this list. (Yeah, I told you it was worldwide.) So spread the word. Put on that apron (or not—flour-coated pants are, like, the new acid wash). And let’s bake this world a better place.

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