swear the oath of the white owl: white owl social club

Bar. Restaurant. Music venue. White Owl Social Club. From the folks who brought you Sizzle Pie comes my new favorite answer to “Where should we meet up?” At the corner of SE 8th & Main, look for the big black box of a building, emblazoned with the crest of the White Owl.

Where else can I eat lunch and listen to Sonic Youth and Joy Division? OK, sure, my house, but here they make my food for me. Plus they put fakey bacon bits on my salad and deep-fry my Charlie Browns. I never get that at home.

white owl bubbly

Three shades of bubbly: a couple of beers—local somethings…I don’t know from beers—and a Sophia sparkling wine.

white owl salad

You can’t see the fakey bacon bits, because they’re hiding.

white owl pickle chips

Pickle chips by candlelight. Breaded and romantic.

white owl beans

Beans, jalapeño Soy Curls, Daiya havarti, and scallions. It’s Tom’s go-to, by the mug or by the bowl.

white owl beet burger

Do you like beets and walnuts? In burger format? Eat this. It’s beets and walnuts in a burger format. It wasn’t my favorite burger in the world, but I’ve been told that I just don’t know what I’m talking about. I prefer a gluteny chew to my burgers, but it was fresh and light and didn’t squish out of the bun.

The fries are consistent: crispy and light and fresh. Their secret? They let the potatoes and oil do all the work.

white owl membership

So no big deal, but I’m a member.  Pssst: For $25 you can be too. Aside from the cool patch, you get a bunch of tokens on signing and two tokens a month. The tokens can be exchanged for any drink $6 or under. That means pretty much anything that’s not a fancy cocktail.

white owl note

So in spite of a very vegan-heavy menu, this is not a vegan establishment. I’m not super on board with referring to veganism as a “culinary” choice, but I’m pretty sure the vegans are the “champ” they’re talking about.

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