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my black friday score: kitties!

What, there’s a sale on wee sweeties? That’s right folks, no lines, no shortage of stock, just a bunch of orphaned kitty cats, priced to move!

It’s been a little over four months since we lost Mädchen to cancer, and I’ll never stop missing her, but we are cat parents, and you can’t be a cat parent without a cat.

We decided that whenever we did adopt, it would need to be two. No single cat could be as amazing as our little girl. Psychologically, I could not do a one-for-one replacement. Plus, when we do go away for a weekend here or there, two can keep each other company. And kittens. We’d like to start with kittens so we could raise them our way. Both of us have been big bonders with our pets—this is as close as we get to having children—so we’d really like to get in there early and be Mom and Dad to these babies.

Selfish and irresponsible to not look at adult cats? Yeah, I felt that. But when I saw Cat Adoption Team’s Black Friday event, I learned that black—or even mostly black—kittens have a hard time finding homes too. (And while we were there, plenty of folks were upstairs in the adult cat rooms.) One of the counselors explained that in a litter of five kittens, if three of them have colorful coats they will absolutely be adopted before either of the black ones. So they have a few events throughout the year to highlight the black cats, making their adoption super cheap.

This event, combined with the fact that Tom and I would be home for three full days, was just the push we needed. Logically, this was the ideal time to adopt, even if I wasn’t 100% sure I was emotionally ready.

On our way to the shelter, we tried to prepare ourselves. We may not bond with any, or we may want to take them all home with us. If we were gazillionaires we’d probably have a ton of cats in a super giant house totally designed for kitty pleasure, with fun stairs and giant hamstery tubes along the walls, and a giant touch-screen floor where the kitties could play those awesome iPad mousey games. But we’re not, so two’s our limit.

These little guys were in adjacent cages, batting at each other through the bars. They were named Burma and Bahrain—sister and brother who had come the week before from the Washington County shelter. We liked their moxie and took them with us to the “get acquainted” room. They went berserk, in the best way possible. They immediately started playing with each other, fighting, rolling right over me on the ground, then ran around the room, all curious. They had brains, they were comfortable around us, and they liked each other. Tom and I knew we had to take them home with us. Luckily, they’d been fixed and were ready to go.

So they are now named Lady Eva Von Sassipants and Musashi. Lady E is a little runty but smart as a whip (loves the laptop) and mighty adventurous. Musashi will be the cat who jumps on you from a high shelf, but he also likes his quiet time. And they slept on us the very first night. And the second. And I’ve got one on my belly right now while one sits at my feet. Shhhhh, anything could set them off, though, then it’s Bitey Town via Wrestleville. Then again, that’s pretty cute too. See?

And every once in a while I look at them and think how much more comfortable, how much happier and safer and all-things-that-are-good-er they are here than they were in a cage in a shelter. Oh, by the way, thank you, everyone who fosters or volunteers at a shelter. It must break your heart on a daily basis, but it’s so important. Thank you.

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14 thoughts on “my black friday score: kitties!

  1. I am so happy you found 2 right away, as if that were a problem. Way too many are in shelters. I wish every pet had a home. You and Tom will have these two acting like they were born there in no time at all. Animals and plants. Your gifts are many.

  2. What a great idea- to promote our darker pet friends on Black Friday! These two are adorbs and you got me to laugh out loud with the new names. Every good luck with them.

    • We liked Burma and Bahrain, but they really didn’t speak to their personalities…and we saw that they were originally called China and Singapore (crossed out on their original shelter papers), so we figured these little guys couldn’t be too attached to the names.

  3. Welcome, Kitties!
    I’ve also heard that black cats have a hard time getting adopted. The shelters here host a black cat event every September with no or low fees. They call it Back in Black. I like a little AC/DC with my adoption papers.

  4. This gives Black Friday a whole new meaning — one that I can get behind. I was looking for a black dog to adopt for the reason you mentioned, but ended up with a gray one who is just perfect.

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  6. Aw, love this story–and they are adorable. And it reminds me, somewhat, of our own adoption story, when we adopted a brother and sister (she is black) from a street cat family, while living and working in Cambodia. Ten years on, they are still with us, have traveled the world with us (they, and we, having lived in west Africa and France, among other places) and are definitely our ‘children’. So good luck with the settling in. I’m sure you will bring each other much joy. PS: I totally agree about having two, for the same reasons; it’s a very good move for all concerned).

  7. It’s very original cat’s names I am sure they fit perfectly to their personality :-)
    I name mine Birman because my parents are from Birmania and I think it’s important to pick up meaningful name.

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