It’s no secret: I, Michele Truty, am no fan of brunch. Oh, I got no problem with the meal itself—late, savory breakfasts are the jam—but going out to brunch, waiting in line with fellow brunchers to get a table, that just puts me off my grits.

On our trip to Chicago, the whole gang hit up Handlebar, where last time Janessa and I got late-night drinks and grabbed tiny fried pies to save for breakfast. Guess what, no line, even for the back patio! On a sunny day in late September (which explains the shadows in all the photos)!

The menu’s super vegan-friendly, and service is better than it has to be in this neighborhood. You get a bunch of food for your money, and it’s pretty dern good. Lookee!

Julia’s side of French toast. Yup, just a side, not even a whole order. Not too squishy, and check out all that fruit!
My potatoes, topped with hot peppers, or ho’peps as we’ve taken to saying. They’re super fried and crispy so I loved them, while Janessa wasn’t thrilled with them.
To round out my breakfast of sides, a whole-wheat biscuit and paprika-crusted tofu. Yes, I made a sandwich out of it. Totally couldn’t finish the tofu.
Jess’s Diablos: seitan chorizo, tofu, corn tostadas, black beans, brown rice, and chipotle sauce. Who can eat this much food?
Tom’s said, “This po boy’s fit for a king.” Yes, he really said that. I think I have to divorce him now. Anyway, under that mountain of lettuce and fries was some pretty decent tempeh.

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