Day One of VeganMoFo 2012 is not yet over, folks. I’m in Chicago with the rest of Team Vida Vegan, trying to find the perfect location(s) to house our 2014 conference, and finding WiFi on the go is tough stuff sometimes.

While in Chicago, we hit up VeganMania, meeting old friends and new, checking out cooking demos, and eating until it was just indecent. Once I get home I’ll pool my photos and show you more, but for now I have to share my very favorite thing: the Upton’s Naturals Italian-style seitan sandwich with giardiniera. They don’t normally make or sell this, so you can only imagine how excited I was to get to eat it! Let me share just another exclamation point with y’all so you can better imagine it: !

When I was growing up in Chicago, beef sandwich joints were everywhere (the kind where fries came stuffed into a brown lunch bag). My parents even went to this little building in a industrial area to buy buckets of frozen Italian beef and gravy so we could make them at home. I did not like them. I was jealous that they all enjoyed this concept and I had nothing. Schmer.

So on this first of the month, I’m closing my eyes, holding my breath and wishing that someday the smart and benevolent folks at Upton’s package this stuff for the masses. I don’t want to brag, but it worked with their bacon—after only a year of wishing, Upton’s announced they’ll be adding Hickory Seitan to their lineup. You’re welcome.


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