happy festember!

Two weekends, four veg fests. Seeing as I have yet to outwit that whole spacetime thing, I will only be going to two of them…but I can talk about ’em all, so here goes:

Saturday, September 22—Washington D.C.

It’s the D.C. VegFest in Yards Park, co-hosted by Compassion Over Killing and the Vegetarian Society of DC. With speakers including Terry Hope Romero, treats from Sticky Fingers, and a ton of nonprofits, if I were any closer I’d shake it on down there.

Saturday & Sunday, September 22-23—Portland, Oregon

As it turns out, I’ll actually be at the Northwest Veg VegFest, repping for Pacific Northwest Kale Chips. My, how this thing has grown. I went to my first one in the basement of a high school four years ago, then volunteered one year, then worked tables for Vegan Iron Chef for a couple of years…and each year it gets bigger, with a more impressive schedule. Aside from the exhibitors (and there’s a ton of ’em), they’ve got three classes going at a time, from the likes of Ginny Messina, Aaron Adams, and Grant Butler. Come find me and say hi!

Saturday, September 29—Charlottesville, Virginia

In Virginia? Come out and support the C’ville Vegetarian Fest. I chanced upon this listing and it made me smile. Photos from a previous event paint it as a super accessible celebration of health and environment. They’ve got music and speakers and demos. Love these young, small-town festivals.

Saturday, September 29—Chicago, Illinois

And the one I’ll be at (with Vida Vegan partners Janessa & Jess) is Chicago VeganMania. Workshops, food from Upton’s Naturals (and others), more Ginny Messina, and Vegan Black Metal Chef. We’re gonna try to get there early enough to score a sweet swag bag.

So yeah, let’s hear it for Festember. Or Vegtember. Or At-least-it’s-not-another-friggin’-wedding-ember.

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