veganmofo 2012!

Again? Again.

It’s VeganMoFo VI…well it’s only my IV, but whatever. I get super excited and nervous every time it rolls around. Why? Because when you pledge your participation in the Vegan Month of Food, you’re shooting to post five times a week throughout the month. Some folks post every single day, but that’s just too much pressure for me. Of course, some folks also work ahead, saving up post drafts. I’m not into that; I rather appreciate waking up each day, either armed with an awesome idea or prepared to scramble. Both can make for interesting reading. (See my Gacy cake from last year!)
They’ll be posting the monster blogroll over at VeganMoFo HQ, as well as round-ups and such. This is all 100% volunteer-run, and you gotta love those guys for putting this together. Thank you, VeganMoFo!

Ready to commit? Sign up here by September 26 to be included!

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