Y’all remember my birthday, right? Not the super-happy-funtime cakefest it was supposed to be.

Luckily, I am my father’s daughter, and thanks to him I was raised with the concept of Birthday Week, or Birthnukah, as I’m calling it from this day forth. He felt that if you had a less-than-magical birthday, you were entitled to some makin’ up, and a week should cover it.

Genius, right? Well, I’m diving in and maybe taking a little more than a week.

It started the night of my birthday—I wanted to salvage something, to not let the day beat me. I made an appointment at Skeleton Key for my lucky 13 tattoo. Ximena, the owner, is the one who did our Vida Vegan beet tattoos, and she’s an absolute sweetheart. Her shop is full of fantastic artists, and if you’re looking for vegan ink, they’ve got it.

Saturday was a blankets and movies and card games and board games day. I’ve had a few of those now. If you just need some time to pass without you, I highly recommend it. I did finally get around to making my tiny birthday pies. It’s a prepared graham shell with three layers of awesome: a bottom layer of a Speculoos spread-based filling, chocolate pudding, and whipped coconut cream.

Sunday I was back in action. I ordered these new shoes (my third pair of Tigers in four years), and I booked a super-cheap trip to Vegas. It was 110 degrees, which is just as hot as it sounds, but whatever, I checked out for a minute and that’s what I needed. I do hate Vegas for all the reasons one would hate Vegas, but I also see its twisted value. I don’t gamble or anything, but I do love checking out what America has to offer in the way of day-drinkin’, elastic-waisted, budget-minded thrill-seekers. And I love me some eatin’ at The Wynn:

The star of The Wynn’s Terrace Point Cafe’s menu: Gardein chicken and scallion waffles, served with a spicy maple syrup. This place closes at 3:00 pm, so plan your day around it!
Cheeseless fired pizza from Monte Carlo’s Pub. Not much for vegans on this menu, but our server was great. She asked a lot of questions and saw to it we were fed.
The Wynn’s Red 8: veganized (from the vegetable menu) fried brown rice with lots of green vegetables. I could have gotten some Gardein thrown in if I’d asked.
Also from Terrace Point Cafe: meatless spaghetti bolognese…with garlic bread, which I still crave when it’s 110 outside.

Probably thanks to our summertime house guest, we’ve been going out to eat quite a bit. Veggie Grill, Homegrown Smoker, Vita Cafe, Sweet Hereafter, Portobello, yeah, the wallet’s been hemorrhaging a bit, but we figured that we spent so much on Mädchen’s vet bills over the last month we need to spend an equal amount on pleasure. Sounds crazy and dumb, right? I promise at some point I saw logic in it. I’ll eat legumes and grains for the next few months to make up for this indulgence, swear.

Remember, next time you’re handed a crappy birthday, demand your right to Birthnukah!

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