2013 Vida Vegan Con is go!

Vida Vegan Con registration is live. And the first 100 tickets, priced an the Early Bird rate, were snatched up within 24 hours (23 hours, 33 minutes, if you want to be super Michele about it). Janessa, Jess, and I have obviously done a bunch of planning already, and we’ve got around 10 months to finish it up, but the idea that 100 people acted that fast to register is mind-blowing. My mind is blown.

Way to put the pressure on.

But you know what, we’ll rise to that. We did it the first year, with technical difficulties, a room too small for all the awesome we had planned, and a whole lot of wingin’ it. This year, we’re at the Portland Art Museum, which is gorgeous and huge. One of the contracted caterers swears it’s excited about creating an all-vegan menu. And we’ve got some lovely, excited registrants, speakers, and exhibitors signed on. Seriously, already 150 have us in the books…and that’s only half of what we’re going to end up with. Pretty exciting stuff.

In case you stumbled upon this blog or have never heard of Vida Vegan Con, it’s a conference primarily for vegan bloggers/online users (still trying to find a term for that I’m comfortable with), although everyone is welcome. Here’s some of my coverage: Here’s the day before the conference (sleepless altered state!), post-con wrap-up 1, and post-con wrap-up 2. And here’s what everyone else had to say about it!

So check it out. My guess is you’ll have at least a month before all the tickets are sold. The first ones just got snagged so fast because they were $80 off. Oh, and we will have scholarships and some giveaways too, so if you can’t afford it, don’t write it off just yet. Come on, it’s vegan summer camp for grown-ups.

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