pickles! the not-gross kind!

I betcha Mr. Yuk hates vinegar too.

Let me begin by saying I have a friend who drinks pickle juice and we get along just fine. Don’t confuse my lack of love for a thing with a lack of love for the people who do love said thing.

Vinegar is what you use to clean mirrors and copper and lady parts*—not for eating! I know I’m not alone in my belief that it just tastes like a preservative and that can’t be good. Unfortunately, because of my tied-to-the-spinal-cord hatred of vinegar, pickles are tricky.

I love the idea of a pickle. Spicy, garlicky, crunchy—these are some of my favorite things. But those fantastic foodtraits are almost always holding hands with that extra “Who put bile in my sandwich?” flavor. Even the fancy ones gross me out; we’re just going to pretend the non-refrigerated, neon-green, wilty fellas don’t exist.

Luckily, because Tom will eat just about anything, I’ve been willing to try a few new brands, and not one but TWO have won me over. Ladies and gentlemen and everything in between and outside of that, let me introduce to you two perfect pickles:


There’s no vinegar. No vinegar? No vinegar. The secret’s in the brine, folks. The slogan on the lid: “It’s the cloudy brine that makes it ‘Bubbies,'” and it is cloudy. In the murky depths of this jar comes a bright, zesty, crunchy gem. Also, I can get them at pretty much any grocery store around. Bonus: These jars are also the perfect instant canisters. Why? No vinegar! Zero pickle smell, even in the lid.


This is a brand-new one for me, and it’s the one that prompted me to share my thoughts on pickles with you. It is vinegar based, but maybe because it’s so jam-packed with H-O-T that I don’t notice it. They’re small-batch pickles from a company that’s just up and moved from Boston to Portland. (Welcome!) It’s a pricey jar, but these guys are so flavorful that Tom and I can each use half of one on a sandwich. I’m not about to drink the juice, but MoonBrine suggests keeping the brine when your pickles are gone, to use in marinades, dressings, and cocktails. Sounds pretty smart.

So there you have it, two pickles I super love, not that you asked.

*Disclaimer: I don’t use vinegar on my lady parts, but if I did it’d be none of your beeswax.

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