vegan mexican in chicago: quesadilla la reyna del sur

This is the third and final post you’ll see from my recent Chicago trip with my fellow VVC organizers. For the full rundown, grab a snack first (it’s a long one) and click this here link.

Our first night in Chicago, two of my old (and not even vegan) friends suggested Quesadilla La Reyna del Sur. “You told them about Quesadilla? That’s the one with vegan sheep, right?” How could we not go?

We took the Blue line to an oddly familiar-feeling neighborhood. Sure enough, on Western, between Armitage and Fullerton, right by the not-vegan Mexican joint we used to go to all the time (Arturo’s, for burritos as big as your head), was Quesadilla, home of the vegan sheep. It’s also the home of soy chicken, steak, chorizo, and pork skin.

Well, none of us were up for the vegan sheep or pork skin. Jess bought a sheep burrito—sheeparito, if you will—to take back to a friend…and the verdict was that vegan sheep, wrapped up for several hours of traveling by train and plain, is edible. We did manage to eat enough other stuff to face the harsh Chicago winter. (Yes, I know it’s been a mild one, but I’m really not used to the cold and the wind anymore, so there.) Such as:

Tacos! Put enough onion on it and I’m happy. These reminded me of the Soy Curl tacos at Portland’s Los Gorditos. This is a good thing. All I could ask for would be avocado…and I’m sure if I’d asked I could have gotten it.

Jess had plenty of avocado on her torta. This had a couple of soy chicken patties tucked in it and was piled high—and would have been higher if not for her irrational fear of onion and cilantro. My mouth is so tiny there’s no way I could tackle this thing, but she did an amazing job of it.

So yay, thanks, Quesadilla! Are you ready for vegan sheep? Click here for the menu.


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