time to pack!

In just a couple of weeks the fam will be moving into a house—with a kitchen so crazy gorgeous I can’t even stand it. That doesn’t make packing up the kitchen I’ve spent the last…almost four years in any easier.

Some of the stuff in the recesses of my cabinets will surely be trashed. If I can’t identify the type or purchase date (hell, year) of a plastic bag of some flour or starch or whatever, I’m not eating it. But there’s still a ton I can use. Take a look at what I’m dealing with:

The refrigerator is not dissimilar.

So in week one, I’ve made two of my favorites—you know, to lighten the load come moving day.

Stuffing! Whenever I get down to the ends of my bread, whether it’s homemade or purchased, I throw them in the freezer. Then, when the mood strikes, I can tear them up, dry them out, and make any day Thanksgiving. Not only did I clear out my freezer, but I also emptied a jar of bullion powder. Score.

Sushi! I cooked up all the short-grain rice I had and used up a jar of vegan caviar for what just might be my favorite food ever. The saltiness of the seaweed “caviar” was surprisingly perfect for sushi. I’ll definitely buy it again the next time I’m at Ikea, just for this.

As excited as I am to get out of our bite-size living quarters, I’m spacing as to whether or not there’s a place for this in the new kitchen. Not quite an Ikea hack, I found this in the bathroom section and thought it’d be perfect for spices. And so it is.

Fingers crossed—I just don’t know what I’d do without it now.

Wish me luck, and I’ll keep you posted as I throw together more bits-n-pieces meals in the coming weeks. It’ll probably get a little weird. Like what am I going to do with Soy Curl shake (the crumbly, powdery bits that collect in the jar I use when I buy bulk Soy Curls)?

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