me and garlic bread, we go way back

I was born an Alliumphile. Some people say we choose to love garlic and onion and all those things you’re not supposed to eat on dates, but I say I just never had a choice; it’s how I was made. As a toddler, my mom would catch me in the kitchen cupboard, eating an onion as if it were an apple. No, Michele wasn’t like the other girls.

I especially cannot think of a time when I was not super best friends with garlic bread. Garlic knots, smashed cloves of roasted garlic with olive oil on a crusty nub, even biscuits baked in sea of garlic butter (so they soak it up as they bake)—it kinda doesn’t matter, as long as it’s garlic and oil and bread.

Back in the omni days, I ate a lot of sad frozen garlic breads. Most of them were more oily than garlicky, but I ate them until I was on the brink of puking. Then I would put them in the fridge and eat them cold! So wrong. I don’t know of any vegan frozen garlic bread, but I’m old enough to make my own. And thanks to nutritional yeast, my garlic bread is fuller and richer than anything I ever ate as a kid.

My mixture is about half Earth Balance, half olive oil, plus minced garlic and (horror of horrors) garlic powder, a little salt, chopped parsley, and nutritional yeast. And I love it. I love it so much.

When I reeeally need comfort food, and nobody’s looking, I’ll sprinkle some Daiya on the top before baking it, and then I’ll dip it in pizza sauce. Please don’t judge me.

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