spaghetti squash experiment: pancakes!

I’m always amazed at how much squash string comes out of even a smallish spaghetti squash. unless you’re cooking for a giant family, you’re lookin’ at squash for days. (Not that I’m complaining.) But what can be done with this marvelous vegetable?

Of the recipes I found online for spaghetti squash pancakes, they pretty much all involved eggs and cheese…so those wouldn’t work. But why would I need a recipe? I make potato pancakes all the time. Sure, squash and potatoes have little in common, but why not give it a whirl, just replacing the potato with squash?

That’s just what I did. Keeping it super simple, I mixed together the cold squash strands, minced onion, chopped parsley, salt, and pepper. There wasn’t much moisture at all so I dripped in just a little water, then I squished in enough flour to form a patty. Five minutes in a thin layer of oil and it was time for a taste test!

Well, whaddaya know, it worked. The sweetness of the onion and squash were pleasant but not annoying. This would be super easy to bend to your favorite spices. It could go Indian or TexMex or Italian. It could serve as a bed for a seitan fillet or a saucy veg-thing. Or, if you’re like me, you could just eat a plate full of these plain as can be.

And I still got a mess o’ squash left…so what’s next?


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