age, already!

I ditched all my cast iron when I moved across the country…or up the country…or, man, I don’t remember. I vowed to not move cast iron more than 5 miles ever again, so I’ve owned no cast iron for quite some time.

I have also lived in apartments for the past decade. As they’ve been the kind with strict rules regarding grilling on the balcony (when I’ve been lucky enough to score a balcony), I’ve gone without any means of grilling for quite some time.

Guess who’s done moving—me! I’m settling down, I think, enough to slowly build my collection of cast iron. What better start than a grill pan? Wanna know a secret? It’s technically a panini pan, but I ditched the top piece somewhere in the depths of my kitchen cabinets and guess what’s left: a grill pan.

This was ’round six months ago, and I use it several times a month, and it’s just not there yet. I did the proper seasoning, and i use it like you’re supposed to, but it’s taking forever to get all gorgeous and black and nonstick. I try to use as little oil as possible, to avoid having the smoke alarm go off, and I know it’s getting better, but every time, I lose a chunk or two out of my tempeh. See?

I know, chin up and all that. And it’s not that bad—dinner still looks good and tastes good.

This is my tempeh, simmered in a simple marinade for a few minutes then grilled with some Annie’s Original BBQ Sauce. I served it up with Trader Joe’s Creative Grains, which is a lazy man’s mixture of Israeli couscous, orzos, mini garbanzos, and other delights. Way easy. Way delicious. Way good for you. And way cheap.

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