fridays are for sharing

First I’m sharing this awesome cookie with you. So pink and sparkly! It’s a rosewater sugar cookie from Back to Eden Bakery. I was running errands today and started to get a headache—chocolate was in order and B2E was a worthwhile detour. Not pictured is the chocolate chip cookie I ate way too fast to photograph, kinda like Bruce Lee’s Chinese boxing.

Click on it--it's got a surprise for you!

I’m also sharing this song with you. Leslie Hall (of Gem Sweater fame) released a special little ditty for VeganMoFo Hump Day. Watch and listen to everything Leslie has produced. She is a force of nature and as sparkly as a rosewater sugar cookie. (I want to thank my friend Colleen for introducing me to her radness when we were grammar geeks for hire down in LA.)

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