diy donnerstag: vanilla extract

So mysterious. With all the reflecting and odd shapes floating within, if I didn’t tell you before you got here what it was you could be creeped out. But fear not! It’s just vanilla beans and vodka, and when have they ever steered you wrong? (That time didn’t count—you guys had just broken up and it was like the third night of that heat wave…)

This is all you need to make yourself some quality vanilla extract. How much have you paid and how many times have you almost grabbed the imitation stuff, ’cause who’s gonna notice in chocolate chip cookies? Once you make your own, you’ll never even think about buying one of those tiny bottles. You’ll laugh to yourself when you see someone buying it at the store, not that you judge people at the check-out line or anything.

So how do you do it?
Purchase 6 vanilla beans and slit them lengthwise, exposing the innards.
Stick them in a jar with 2 cups of vodka.
Hide the jar for a few months—in a cool, dry place, of course.
And…oh wait, that’s it. You just made vanilla extract.

If you pour yourself off a little bit, add some more vodka and hide again! Like a good tea bag, the vanilla beans will keep on givin’ you the good stuff for quite some time.

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