oh, that’s what it’s for: earth balance coconut

After all the buzz (we’re talking six solid months of rumors and promises), when I finally found the new Earth Balance coconut spread at the store—on sale, to boot—I had to get me some.

What is it? Not just coconut oil. Not margarine or shortening, really. It’s really stiff but melts very easily, and it really does have a coconutty flavor and a fuller mouthfeel than the other EB spreads. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not extra greasy like the sticks, which I only use in baking. I don’t know what the deal is with those, but I can’t even melt that stuff down for popcorn topping.

I tried buttering toast with it and it was odd, but I usually follow my EB spread with a healthy sprinkling (read: dousing) of nutritional yeast. This is not one of those sweet-n-savory gems.

I stuck it back in the fridge and it sat for a bit. Nothing pisses me off more than making gross food, so I was hesitant to give this another shot…until a clean-out-the-kitchen day, when I decided to sauté some vegetables and add it to orzo, like so:

Perfect. Coconut and carrot are best friends, it turns out. They each have that sweetness and together become the bridge for all the other flavors (zucchini, parsley, onion, and garlic). Hoo and ray! This is the perfect little side dish for you or some fancy friends you want to impress.

By the way, I have since used this in a biscuit recipe, replacing the soymilk with vanilla creamer, and it was great, almost like a scone. It was also perfect to replace half the oil in a cinnamon coffee cake.

So it turns out every Earth Balance has its place(s).

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