veganmofo 2011

Happy VeganMofo 2011!

Tomorrow is the first weekday of October, so that means I’m about to walk into a month of weekdaily blogging. Sometimes I’ll be super on it and post in the morning. Other days will be harder than others, leaving a harried Michele bent over the keyboard, racing against midnight. One is not better than the other; they’re just different.

The tough part for me is that it’s the Vegan Month of Food. I try to stay true to that and avoid talking about issues or events. I’ll allow myself equipment, products—I’ll just try to keep it food-related.

I don’t have a theme, like some of the other MoFo’ers. I’m shooting for a “What the What? Wednesday” series, where I look at foods I can’t believe someone bothered to veganize—let alone mass-produce, and “DIY Donnerstags” (that’s Thursday to those of you who didn’t master your first day of German class), but I’m promising nothing. Some days I might post a photo of some gorgeous food, like a slice of squash. Somebody out there’s gotta think it’s as pretty as I do. (Future tattoo idea!)

Get ready to celebrate some vegan food.

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