It’s on like Donkey Kong in chiffon. This Sunday, July 10, we’re having our second Vegan Iron Chef! Since last year’s was such a runaway success, we’re pretty much tripling our capacity and still sold the sold out. We will have 25 tickets at the door for $15 cash, so if you’re in Portland and did not get your ticket, well, doors open at 4:30.

We do have an auction right now for some VIP tasting plates, benefiting Lighthouse Farm Sanctuary. Find that info here.

For the rest of y’all, we’ll be live-streaming again so you can watch across the country around the globe…and this year we’ll make sure that “record” button gets pushed so we can watch it again and again. Honestly, I’d love to have seen it—I was back at the raffle table so I didn’t catch much of it.

We’re holding it at this super rad event space, Refuge, and after the event we’ll just clear everything out so the afterparty can begin. There’ll be a full bar, raffle prizes, and vendors (read: free/cheap eats), live music, and of course, our amazing host, Isa Chandra Moskowitz, is returning. She’ll be joined this year by Nicole Georges. And here are our chefs:


New for this year, we made t-shirts! They’re ladies’ and men’s cuts, US-made, and $15 each. We’ll be selling them online if we don’t sell out at the event. Check it:

We’ve had a few cities jump on board to start planning their own competitions, including Seattle, and I can’t wait for Regionals and Nationals.

And if you’re a vegan company—or one that makes cooking equipment—check out the site for sponsorship information. We’re one of those nonprofits that can’t even afford to be a nonprofit.

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