beans on a pizza

Whah? A decade ago I would have punched myself in the face for making me eat this…but it’s not a decade ago. No, it’s a whole new today and it is glorious.

I’d gone to the farmers market over the weekend and made one of my “If it’s a vegetable, it’s in!” pastas, and I thought I might try it as a pizza the next day. So here’s what’s on it:

• bail pesto base
dollops of artichoke spread
spring onion
cherry bomb pepper
chard (pre-wilted for just a few minutes on the stove, in a dry pot)
…and giant white beans! (fully cooked—but not mushy—and cut in half)

It’s all on a regular ol’ pizza crust, baked at 470° instead of my usual 500°, because I was a little worried about the moisture of all the vegetables soggyin’ up the place. It worked perfectly.

I was not at all creeped out by the beans. They were just creamy enough and played nice with the other flavors and textures. I surprised even myself. And no one got hurt.

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