I tried this raw pizza cracker today. If you’ve been a reader even for a little while, I’m sure you won’t make the mistake of brushing this off as nothing. My consumption of a new food is a rare thing, and this is why. Because sometimes you end up with novelty astronaut food. It looks pretty enough, right? And it’s a pizza cracker—I do love both pizza and a good cracker. But I just totally suck at trying new things. Either that or this is objectively gross.

My exposure to raw foods is limited. Of course I love raw fruits and vegetables, but constructed raw foods don’t really come into my life. Since Tom has an intense nut allergy, I am hesitant to consume them myself. What if I forgot and shared his glass, then almond oil from my lips transferred to his? Because raw and nuts go hand in hand, everything’s a little scary. They put those allergen warnings on packaging for a reason: Ingredients sometimes fall into the wrong bowl.

And it’s a shame. A lot of raw food does look gorgeous and delicious (not at all like astronaut food), and I hear tell it’s damn good for you. Unless it’s made out of things that will cause your throat to close and even your eyeballs to swell…then it’s not so healthy.

Since I don’t know from raw, I’ll just pass this along to you to try for yourself. Maybe they’re a great little snack. As you can see from the header below, these are gluten-free, vegan, and raw. They’re made from (all organic) sunflower seeds, carrots, raisins, flax seeds, onion, lemon juice, dates, garlic, salt, oregano, fennel, thyme, jalapeno, and white pepper.

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