they’re sizzlin’, baby (go ahead baby)

Yeah, that’s right. Classic LL Cool J reference. Deal with it.

I’ve never seen a new business open up to such instant success. The location’s an A-, it is but one of a hundred pizza joints in the area, and the website didn’t even have prices (it does now)…so why was everyone so crazy about Sizzle Pie? Maybe because it’s awesome.

Originality: You can’t win the pizza game in this town with naught but red sauce. One of the pizzas we got (the Eat the Rich) was a pairing of onion spread and cilantro pepitas pesto, dusted with nutritional yeast. Other sauces (all vegan save one) include Oregon Pinot Noir Marinara and Creamy Basil Cashew Spread. Toppings include Daiya, a wide range of vegetables, and vegan pepperoni and seasoned Soy Curls.

Vegan options: They know where they’re at. Not only is there a huge vegetarian section of the menu, but the vegan pies get their own space. You’re not just left to build your own and hope they remember you said “no cheese.” And you can easily swap the cheese for Daiya if one of the non-vegan pizzas catches your eye.

Tasteriffic: Just because it’s vegan and not cookie-cutter doesn’t mean it’s good. I’m happy to report this tastes good too! And that includes cold leftovers. I didn’t care for the vegan pepperoni, but I never ate the meaty kind so that’s just me. Tom liked it just fine. The crust was good and chewy—with some flavor of its own. I hate when pizza crust is lazy and just sits there while the sauces and toppings do all the work. Not the case here. I won’t be able to report on the cashew spread, with this being a nut-free zone (lest we accidentally kill Tom), but I want to try everything else.

Comfortable interior: If you’re a Top 40 radio type, get yours to go, but if you can handle some unapologetic metal, have a seat. While we haven’t eaten there yet, the space is comfortable. It kinda feels like you’re sitting outside, on surprisingly comf wooden benches, with super neat slabs of concrete for tables and not-too-obnoxious, streetlamp-looking lights. Rather than walling off the kitchen, they’ve built an airy Jenga-esque structure of wooden planks that tidies things up while still letting light peek through. I dig it.

It’s just genuine: You can feel when someone’s doing it the way they want to. This isn’t a boring chain. True, I could be totally off, but I am apt to believe this place is the manifestation of a dream. “If I had my own pizza place, this is how I’d do it…” That’s where I want to spend my money. I want to support that. This is the type of place I’d be really sad for if it closed. Luckily, based on the initial reaction, at least, I don’t think that’ll happen anytime soon.

Welcome to the neighborhood, Sizzle Pie.

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