anticlimactic mofo: can i get an extension?

Long, long ago, at the dawn of VeganMoFo 2010—November 4, actually—I told you about my big oil project. I was going to make my last post the big oily taste test. Well, we all make plans in life, don’t we? Instead, I went to another productive Vida Vegan Con meeting, held at a surprisingly veagn-unfriendly bar, so no food for me.

So when I got home, dinner ended up being a piece of olive bread and some peppered Tofurky slices, rolled up like cigars (chomped on, not smoked). You get it. We’ve all been there, scarfing down a tortilla and a pickle…or leftover birthday cake…or popcorn—I could go on and on with the list of sorry excuses for dinner I’ve eaten. Tonight, I’ve let even myself down. It may be real life, but it’s hardly the grand finale I was looking for.

So tomorrow, lunch, it’s just a loaf of yummy bread, my oils, and a camera. Until then, my dears.

UPDATE: I did it. Find the results here.

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