mofo on a stick: corndogs from the freezer

“Hey, Tom, there’s corndogs!” That was me, standing in front of the freezer case at Food Fight. “Should we get ’em?” Of course we got ’em.

Why would we bother, with Hungry Tiger Too‘s corndog basket (that’s two corndogs and a ridiculous amount of tots) just a 3-minute walk away? Eh, why not? It was a new, gimmicky thing, and I love me some gimmick.

Not wanting to break out a vat of oil, we followed the baking directions and I can’t help but think they suffered because of it. They were just sort of dry, not fluffy and corny like we expected. And this doesn’t have anything to do with anything, but the hot dog part was eerily pink. Sorry, no photo for you! You don’t really want to see my bit-into fakey hot dog, did you?

So maybe I won’t buy them again, but maybe you don’t have a Hungry Tiger Too near you. Go ahead and give ’em a try. You can get them online at Cosmo’s. Then all you need is a carnival, a nonstop loop of “Pour Some Sugar on Me,” that cute boy you’re afraid to talk to, a bad haircut, and a ridiculous curfew…or am I the only one who was 14 in the late 80s?

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