takin’ the new cookie book for a spin

I made the kolache recipe from Kelly Peloza’s The Vegan Cookie Connoisseur, replacing the jam with poppy seed filling, which I confirmed with Solo is vegan.

My mom makes these cookies all the time, but her recipe uses cheap vanilla ice cream instead of the vegan cream cheese this one calls for (and she spells it differently). I used Tofutti because that’s my favorite, so I can’t speak for other brands since they vary quite a bit in taste and texture. Mom’s are a bit sweeter (I think—it’s been a while), but these are pretty darn great. They’re light and flaky and subtly sweet…you know, the kind of cookie you can shamelessly eat for breakfast. And coffee. And midnight snack.

Now I’ve got a super long list of treats to try out, including the entire “Cookies Inspired by Drinks” chapter. Pink lemonade, root beer float, white Russians, mmmmmm.

And bonus! If you’re going to be at Vida Vegan Con, you’ll get to meet Kelly.

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