corn-battered avocado

Inspired by tales of American Vegan Kitchen’s deep-fried avocado (but filled with a hate so, so pure for beer batter), I put together a batter of my own. I’ve been toying with corn batters, and this one works best for me, especially with something as delicate as an avocado.

¼ c A/P flour
¼ c corn flour (not cornmeal! I guess you could pulverize cornmeal until it turns into flour.)
1 T coarse cornmeal/polenta
dashes and pinches of the following, as ya like:
· onion powder
· salt
· white pepper
· cayenne (go with a dash on this one!)
1 T cornstarch or arrowroot
½ c water, give or take

Mix the dry ingredients first, then add water until just thinner than glue. If it’s too thick it’ll be tough and overpower the texture of your avocado. If you’re nervous about the consistency, start by frying up just one piece and give it a try. Adjust by adding more water or flour if you need to, then the rest will be perfect!

Have your oil heating up while you’re prepping, and cut your refrigerated avocado into about six wedges (depending on the size). Too small and your wedges could crack in half…which would still be totally edible but maybe less pretty. Keep ’em yummy and green with the power of lime juice.

Dip your avocado wedges into the batter, a few at a time. Gently coat them with the batter. You may not get 100% coverage, but don’t worry. If the batter seems a little thin, remember it’ll expand a bit during frying.

Fry until they look delicious—it’s not like you’re trying to cook the avocado, just warming it through. When it looks good, it is good. Serve it up with some lime and salt.

And congratulations, you’ve managed to corrupt the world’s healthiest fruit. Well done!

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