pink & fuzzy mofo: razdillos!

The ultimate impulse item at Food Fight!*: the RazDillo. Twice now I’ve been just about ready to walk out of there (with Soy Curls and kale and other real food, of course), then “Wait! I need this!”

This time Tom was with me, and he did not—at all—see what the big deal was. Typical for him, really, insisting he’s not really hungry or doesn’t see what’s so awesome about awesome food, that he could live on pill-form nutrients. But you should see him when he’s in the middle of a tasty treat, enjoying the hell out of it. That’s exactly what happened this time. I should have taken a screen shot of the all-caps AMAZING he IM’d me after eating his at work today.

Who produces this gorgeous treat that far surpasses the Zinger it’s supposed to be replacing for us? Caketastrophe, that’s who. I’ve also had their Naked Dillo and wasn’t thrilled, but I’d love to try the DingDillo or the ChocoDillo. The RazDillo is soft and moist and not too sweet. The raspberry flavor comes through just enough, and the creamy filling isn’t obnoxious.

It’s so good I can’t imagine throwing it in your lunchbox, to scarf down after a mediocre sandwich or a thermos of soup. You serve this baby on a plate. You give it the respect it deserves.

*These are also available elsewhere, including online. Check the website for info.

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