lunch-portion mofo: portobello pdx

My love for Portobello is hardly news here. I’ve gushed about them before and held back so much—what about you poor kittens who don’t live in Portland?  Well, today I’m not holding back. VeganMoFo is a celebration of vegan food and I’m gonna celebrate my lunch today. Y’all can eat here when you visit Portland.

Tom and I were able to carve out a moment in our crazy schedules to meet me for lunch at Portobello. Lunch? Yes, lunch. They recently started serving lunch 11:30–2:30 Tuesday through Friday! It’s a smaller menu, mainly soups, salads, sandwiches, and pizzas—and that’s A-OK with me.

Tom got the sausage sandwich and a side salad, because he’s a smart boy and smart boys eat their greens. On the sandwich is Daiya mozzarella, marinara and some spicy peppers. He said it was excellent and he could eat double.

It was my turn to get the arrabiata pizza. It’s slightly smaller than the dinner portion, but I still couldn’t finish it, donating a quarter of it to Tom’s “fill my belly” fund. It’s good and spicy, and the sausage is creepily sausagy. I had to take it off the pizza and eat it alone because the textures coming together weirded me out. I never did eat sausage pizza, even as a kid, so don’t blame the pizza for my neurotic behavior.

And if you’ve imagined Portobello too fancy for a lunch run-in, don’t be silly! Our waiter was wearing a Food Fight! t-shirt and our total (before tip) came to $15. Not bad for an absolutely delightful lunch.

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