future mofo: android app shopping buddy

I resisted the fancy phones for a long time. My phone was an old Virgin prepaid piece of crap with my phone number taped to the front of it—I never used the thing but I needed my number so I could enter the Trader Joe’s drawing for bringing your own bags. Lately, though, I’ve been a very busy lady and those prepaid minutes were adding up. And when I finally took the plunge I plunged hard. Apple products aren’t welcome in my home, so we went with Android. I got the Samsung Galaxy S through T-Mobile and have been pretty dern happy with it so far. Shoppin’ around in the app market, I found this guy: What Additives? And it’s free!

If you come across an ingredient you don’t know, you can ask your phone what it is, if it’s safe for children, if there are any major warnings, or IF IT’S VEGAN! Then it gives you a little description. How lovely! As you can see, curcumin is perfectly safe, comes from tumeric, and is animal-free.

What Additives will tell you if it’s inconclusive, like with lactic acid—it has both plant and animal sources. In those cases, sometimes the company can’t even tell you the source, so it’s up to you if you want to play it safe or close your eyes, hold your breath, and wish really hard that it’s a plant source.

Thanks, fancypants future phone.

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