exotic mofo: shoppin’ trip

I’ve gotten food at Ya Hala a good handful of times but had never stepped foot in the store next door…until now. And I love it. It’s my new BFF. If it had hair I would braid it.

Just look at what I got for a grand total of $22.44!

Pomegranate molasses: Jess mentioned this when we were speaking on a panel and I was super intrigued but didn’t have the opportunity to drill her for information…and totally forgot about it until this weekend. Muffins? Tofu marinade?

Zaatar spices: Now I can make my own manakish! This is just thyme, sesame seeds, sumac, and salt—but they’ve taken care of the ratio, and that’s half the battle.

Big-ass beans: They look like coronas, but they’re called “Greek dry beans,” whatever that means. I asked the shoplady about them and she gushed about how much better they are than other beans. Sold!

Dried limes: Yeah, ya got me. They were cheap and the recipe on the back involved onions. One of the posts I have planned for the month is “3 things to do with a lime,” so I’ll see what I can do.

Bob’s Red Mill baking soda. This is the same price as the little containers—but it’s aluminum-free! No Alzheimer’s for me, thanks.

Orange blossom water: It was like a buck seventy. What would you do?

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