eatin’ vegan at a classy burger joint: dick’s kitchen

After a super busy, super stressful week, Tom and I finally had a chance to hang out and run errands together. First on the agenda: checking out the new classy burger joint from the folks who brought you Laughing Planet Cafe, Dick’s Kitchen. They have this whole “good meat” thing going, which makes me want to hate them, because really, it’s just less-shitty meat, but they have lots of vegetarian and vegan choices. All the sides are vegan, and they differentiate between vegetarian and vegan—a good indicator that they really know what “vegan” means. They’ve got vegan options for sauces and dressings, and they carry Daiya.

Tom got the Field Roast Italian sausage, with peppers and onions, and a side of not-fries (they’re baked). After I reminded him that he likes cole slaw, we were lookin’ at a clean plate. He said he’d absolutely order it again.

I went with the tempeh burger, hold the BBQ sauce. It was the first tempeh sandwich I’d tried since living in L.A., where I was served a tough, flavorless slab. What a difference! This was tender and marinated, and the potato bun just added to the delicacy of the sandwhich. So good.

And to finish it all off, a chocolate shake made with Coconut Bliss ice cream! It allowed us the opportunity to make $6 shake jokes, a la the Pulp Fiction $5 shake, so that was a bonus, but it was totally worth the money. My first words: “Yeah, that’s Coconut Bliss, all right.” Tom’s: “Oh goddamn…that’s fuckin’ good.” You could add malt for 50 cents, but I’m pretty sure that’s a milk product, so it’s weird to have it as an option for a vegan shake. I guess you don’t have to be vegan to enjoy an incredibly delicious coconut-milk-based shake.

How many burger joints have Bigfoot decorate their restrooms?

UPDATE: After an B+ experience last time and an incredibly disappointing visit today, we shall not be back to Dick’s Kitchen. They got my order wrong, the server tried to deflect her mistake on me, I had to get a remade sandwich to go since we were then running out of time, then they brought it to me plated (this time remembering the cole slaw they failed bring us to begin with) so they went and wrapped it up (again sans cole slaw), and handed us the $22 check. I understand mistakes, but they had two servers, three guys in the kitchen, and four tables seated. Too bad, ’cause I really appreciated having a place where I could grab a tempeh burger and fries, ya know?

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